Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Worst Sex Work Laws of My Lifetime

The Trump administration is abandoning abandoning Jeff Sessions crusade announced crackdown on recently legalized marijuana has shifted all energy into destroying prostitution in America. While relaxing on the weed laws relieves some of us so that we can medicate while being persecuted, the final fall of the Backpage empire definitely leaves us feeling the same familiar hopelessness that the Trump administration always brings with his stupid grin and photo with his signature on a big bill to destroy your environment, your livelihood your future...Perhaps Stormy Daniel’s is one of our only hopes in this dark dark era of anti sex, fucked over privacy, fucked over freedom of labor choice and outright confiscation of adult autonomy. This is the worst tsunami of change to sex worker laws that I may have seen in my lifetime. There have been some pretty dark times but Trump has not yet disappointed in taking things to a whole new level of shitholeness. Bush and 911 were fairly dark times, and I was younger and more idealistic then, so the fall would have been harder. This, however certainly effects sex workers in ways that none of us have ever seen or prepared for in previous decades. We now have no outlets to advertise and can be busted for the trafficking if you work with a driver, drive a friend to work, or share screened clients and receive a fee for doing so. Before we had to actually get caught in a sting. Now it feels like we live in Sweden and are trying to work under similarly impossible laws.

Apparently, if you had turned in your passport to be verified by Eros, which was just raided in September 2017 you can be banned from even entering the U.S, banned from traveling as a tourist to places like Canada and Japan if the passport has some sort of prostitution ban that has global reach. I read an announcement from a sex worker who entered the U.S and was caught at the border and slapped with a 10 year ban from entering America as a result of some alert on her passport. “What’s Eros for?” the border security asked. Heart and jaw drop on the floor. Many sex workers were hoping that Backpage owners would continue to fight as they always have been but I think finally they were worn thin and just decided to plead guilty and start doing their sentences. They were charged guilty in CA for money laundering and guilty for trafficking in Texas. They did not try to fight it, they pleaded guilty and started there sentence as soon as BP was seized. No Larry Flynt type of victory was going to ensue in 2018 for the Backpage owners, they had been fighting this fight for years already.

If you are wondering if it was all Trump’s doing alone, you are wrong. "In case anyone is wondering who should be president in 2020 based solely on the FOSTA/SESTA vote, it's Barbara Lee, the east bay rep, who voted no. Voted no on the War In Afghanistan in 2001. We used to say "Barbara Lee speaks for me" back then. Guess it's still true.

Bernie Sanders
Cory Booker
Elizabeth Warren
Kamala Harris
Kristen Gillabrand
Maxine Waters 
Jimmy Gomez basically every other democrat (except Ron Wyden and 10 other house dems) who all voted Yes"

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How Can Medical Marijuana help with the Opioid Abuse and Mortality?

I am a stoner of 20 years with a medical marijuana prescription. While I admittedly smoke for recreational use, there was a string of five or so years that I used marijuana as an antidepressant and I identified as being “chemically depressed.” I tried to get prescribed “real antidepressants” but I was evaluated as not qualified by my local LGBTQ medical clinic. I don’t “have depression” but I do smoke to feel less depressed at times, if that makes sense. It is excellent medicine for me, but I have learned quite well how to use medicines to my advantage. Other people are not naturally introspective, or critical of their doctors or the system and unfortunately many are in situations or states of being not able to control well what is best for their body, mind and souls, which is why there are doctors, lawyers and police officers enlisted to take care of that for those that fall short of solid decision making. The enforcers of your choices are not always right, kind or ethical but what can you do if you can’t do? Nothing. Exactly. The recent Fentanyl overdose problem has created an unforeseen crisis that luckily many of my former heroin/opiate addict friends missed. B was one of them. B is a good friend of mine who is a daily user of cannabis wax and other psychotropics that he calls “plant medicines.” He chose to live in California, a state with legal access to cannabis specifically because he once lived in Ohio and had a wicked painkiller addiction problem. It was plant medicines like Ayauasca that was the gateway that helped him to kick his habit but he and I would agree that it isn’t any substance or plant or pill that can heal you if you are prone to addiction or abuse, it has to do with a desire to change your life and patterns. Some choose Ayuasca for this, others choose 12 step programs. Ayuasca and other plant medicines are illegal and probably won’t see the light of a brick and mortar dispensary with a neon sign in the window like your local medical MJ store but I find that plant medicine retreats were getting quite hip and pretty easy to find access to, even through Facebook event invites! Medical cannabis is for those on the alternative non clean and sober recovery plan and it works out great for a lot of people. Recent research has shown to reveal significant reduction in opioid prescription rates in Kentucky, Minnesota and Illinois. Worldwide studies have conferred in Israel and Mexico who were regular opioid presribed patients reduced usage where cannabis was legal or medical. CC, another former trusted opioid user friend who doesn’t use weed at all tells me,“Opioids are always going to be necessary for higher duty hardcore pain, people too often champion one at the expense of the other when there are so many kinds of pain and so many different kinds of individuals with different needs.” As a habitual weed user, I fully agree and understand this well as I’ve certainly moaned,”I NEED SOMETHING FUCKING STRONGER!!” while in unbearable pain because, if you smoke weed everyday, smoking more weed when you are have some sudden major injury is not going to cut it at all. Going back to the famous but simplified rat park study, in regards to emotional pain needs being met, I think cannabis works better for this type of pain than opioids, but I don't claim to represent all humans or all rats in the park. It’s about giving patients options and trusting that they can make choices. This sounds quite simple but its not, because there will always be some people who don’t like to or simply are unable to make sound or conscious choices at all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

If you murder someone, even yourself, make sure you know what you are doing.

Is suicide just a RESET button? A Facebook friend of mine recently asked me if I had heard of Teal Swan. I had seen a few of her videos but there was something about her presence that was kind of cold and dark, as if she represented a dark energy that I couldn’t really pick up on. She has a huge cult following and says things like “Suicide is a reset button and Death is delicious.” Of course, I didn’t know any of this when I was watching, I read about what she is now known to be about in an article calling her the Gucci Guru. Her words never really captivated me and I found myself distracted with other things while multitasking housework and listening to one of her YouTubes like I usually do many other speakers. I told this friend,”I had never felt really drawn to her. She’s kinda dark. I like her intro cartoon though.” I said, trying to come up with something nice to say. This friend used to come to me during times of suicidal ideations before I drew a boundary and said that I couldn’t hold space for it anymore and that she needed to call a crisis line or seek professional help. I’m sure that she clung to me for a while because I offered a different perspective on suicide that wasn’t usual from a friend in need. I had recently lost a former student of mine to suicide, which was indeed sad because she was so young and surely she was full of light and the furthest thing from seeming suicidal when I knew her. I asked my Facebook then,”Is suicide a conscious choice? Do you support your loved one in making this choice?” and this spurred off a lot of reactions from people, many whom I had never heard from before on my timeline. Some people seemed disturbed that I would even bring up such a topic for discussion. I was really interested in hearing what people thought, especially since Star had just killed herself. Star was a young queer girl in the Gay Straight Alliance club that I started. She was a trailblazer and someone I would describe as truly aware of the choices that she made and a young woman who was fully in her power. For me to see her as some kind of victim just didn’t sit well with me, but the truth was I couldn’t tell with accuracy since I hadn’t actually interacted with her since high school. Suicide most definitely hurts the people around you and creates havoc financially and mentally for your family and everyone else who has to deal with the pieces that you left behind. But such is death. The same pieces are left when someone is shot and killed by a gun wielding teenager in a movie theater or school campus. Because I don’t have a strong conviction AGAINST suicide I imagine people who may be depressed and suicidal feel comfort in that state as they are probably well over tired with hearing the same rhetoric. My advice to my recent friend was similar to a friend getting an abortion. If that is your choice, make sure you understand the choice you are making, and make sure not to fail at it. Nothing worse than these attempted suicides where the person has to be committed and or have permanent scars because a bullet missed or some poison permanently damaged their internal organs. If you are going to murder someone, including yourself, make sure that you have planned it in a way that doesn’t leave a mess for someone else or yourself to deal with. It sounds easy for me to say of course. I can only speak from my biased perspective. When I felt suicidal, I did want things to get better. I was on a slow course of destruction, just putting myself in harm’s way, just begging to be hurt and killed. I took whatever drugs were put in front of me and just swallowed substances without knowing what they were, who was giving them to me and what the consequences might be. I traded sex for a bottle of pills that I hoped was Oxycodone and instead it ended up being Vicodin. I downed about 5 and then ended up throwing them all up for hours over the toilet. It was a weak half assed attempt. Maybe I was saved by a divine force, maybe I was lucky. The plan I had was to overdose on oxycodone, but I only tried that once. I can’t really tell you how I started to slowly move away from the desire to die, but I did. In recent messages, this FB friend tells me she isn’t suicidal anymore and I say,Good. Is it bad to say, that I support people where they are at? Saying suicide is a reset button or that death is delicious is just another radical perspective put out there. It definitely condones it as something “not so bad” which is possibly where Teal and I may be on a similar wave length, although I see my stance as neutral. People we know who are addicted to drugs are seen as slowly killing themselves, so I suppose in all my years of working with drug users is how I arrived where I am. People have their time to die and their time to live. It wasn’t my time to go, else, the pills would have killed me because they would have been the “right” ones. But, turns out the “wrong” ones were the right ones and I can look back at this from a keyboard and sigh, not of relief but just reflection.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Yet another important bill is coming up for voting about “anti-trafficking’ on March 12th. The Senate will vote on SESTA, the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act. Late last month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Resolution 1865 — titled the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or FOSTA — legislation intended to penalize operators of sites that facilitate online sex trafficking by holding companies like Facebook, Google, and legally liable for content their users post. Backpage has already shut down its erotic service ads and even though all the sex workers have seemed to move their ads to the personals section, just this small shift in perception and presentation has changed the market. When I advertise on BP pretending to look for dates, it is not as effective as when I am able to post the services that I provide and my website link. Some workers feel like it’s perfectly the same to charge seekers for sex in the dating section, because dating is something like prostitution anyway they reason, but I don’t really agree with this line of thinking. There are lots of sex workers who NEVER have sex without getting paid. They view this as “unpaid sex work.” Again, this is not the way I feel about dating men, and I make a clear line between the way I act while I am working and use plenty more discretion when I date people for free versus when I see clients. Facebook is already fucking nuts about their censorship of race, sexual topics and female nipples, either yourself or someone you chat with frequently on Facebook has been in “Facebook jail” for showing a nipple or talking about some censored topic that they shared for artistic expression, activism, community support or because it was their own body and they should have the right to show it if they wanted to. I tried to advertise as a professional cuddler on craigslist, the first site to voluntarily knock down their own erotic service section, I got flagged within minutes in the therapeutic section even though I could tell their were other sex worker ads listed. I also tried to look for someone that was mixed race like me because I am seeking cultural connection and understanding, and that too was flagged on craigslist. In Trump’s America, I don’t have a lot of hope for the future of good laws. FOSTA already passed, and whoreaphobic Kamala Harris is running for president in 2020. She worked with Gavin Newsom when they were both in San Francisco City Hall to do really racist “anti Asian sex trafficking” campaigns to boost their career paths up. It’s really easy to do blanket legislation on sex trafficking because all you have to do is arrest a bunch of consensual adult sex workers and voila! You have met the requirements for being tough on trafficking and you win the race for mayor/president. Here is a petition that sex workers are running to create awareness for the SESTA bill March 12th. The lawmakers voting on this bill do not know how it would actually work. We are sex worker rights advocates and we know that this piece of legislation will harm more people than it will help. Sign the petition to tell the U.S. Senate and Trump not to pass FOSTA/SESTA. They must find a better way to shut down trafficking that doesn't make people less safe.” My best friend and life long sex worker rights advocate Scarlot Harlot has been talking about this stuff since before the internet. White Slavery was the first “anti-trafficking” act of the 1800s, so it seems like internet or not, this savior campaign is just NOT EVER GOING TO DIE. It’s like a fucking zombie in the Walking Dead and we have to figure out a way to get it right between the eyes for good, and if we have to slay some celebrity Hollywood martyrs and a Black feminist running for president in the process, oh well.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Reality versus Red Tube: the unfortunate difference between porn and escorting

I can always tell I’m getting my period by the amount of porn I’m masturbating too. It still actually makes me laugh every time this happens. The need to have 2 or 3 orgasms in a day only comes the day before the blood flow. And even during the first few days of pain and cramps I’m still on that red tube looking for ass to mouth threesomes and different scenarios that corrupt “teens” LOL. They have a series called Moms teach sex, ha ha. And always the stepmom fucking the stepson. Watching millenials have sex makes me realize how old I am. But, you do hit the MILF category in porn once you are in your 30s so it's not so hard to be old in porn. It’s funny because nowadays the idea of being attracted to people in the 20s doesn’t really seem practical to me. 1. They usually don’t look like porn stars in real life. And I”m always worried about the reality vs fantasy aspect of things. Nothing is usually as good as it is on porn, although sometimes it is. When I was an escort I got to have sex with clients who were 10-15 years younger than me occasionally. That was always fun. When you get paid to experiment, there is no risk because if it ends up being wonderful it is like getting paid DOUBLE! And, if it doesn’t go well, there is no real loss. I recently went to a sex club and decided I would try fucking 3 guys for the first time. I wasn’t getting paid. I just was feeling something experimental because 2 of the guys were Japanese and I was seeking to find out how i was going to work out. It ended up being the worse experiment of my life, even the 3rd guy wasn’t Japanese but ALL OF THEM made NOT ONE SOUND the whole time. It was like blowing 3 mannequins. Have you ever had the kind of sex where ten minutes into you just wanted to throw in the towel and forget that anything ever started? “Gee, you know what, letttttts just all put our clothes back on and get a beer. This, is uh, not going to work out.” I am really aurally stimulated, meaning I need to hear sounds. But, they need to be genuine which seems to be a big challenge to a lot of guys. Even if they aren’t talkers, they at least have to be BREATHERS meaning that if I put their cock in my mouth, I want to feel a RESPONSE. And needless to say, all three of these dicks were pretty soft and squishy in my presence. There was this nerdy geeky dude that I did NOT want to have sex with at all, but he tagged alongside a cute guy that I liked and I let him participate in the end because I was mostly just into the experiment of it all. I’d been with 2 guys before, even tried to do a porn style DP TWICE in my life and both times one of the guys just couldn’t hang and tapped out, fell out and game over. This is what I mean about porn not being reality and how I know by life experience. Sex Work has given me access to these experiences for money and like I said, even if it doesn’t work out for anyone, I end up getting paid. Also from experience, I know that not all sex work is equal and that porn and escorting is usually worlds apart that sometimes, especially when I’m masturbating I wish and wonder what it would be like to have real professional fuckers in me instead of the regular johns that escorts get most of the time. The ugly nerdy guy was sucking on my pussy like someone trying to eat an orange off a rind. I HATE BEING SUCKED. Anywhere. Do NOT suck my clit or my nipples, i might even get so annoyed I can punch you. I know, some women like that shit. I just watched a Japanese porn and the girl was sucking on some other girls pussy with loud slurping noises that American porn actors never make. I see, this is where this man learned his “technique” from. And I guess when I say I need sounds, I guess I mean, I need the sounds that I LIKE. Not just any old sounds. When I told them I needed to hear them make some noise, the German guy of the group decided to try to make some moaning sounds when he was on top of me, but it was just a bad acting job because his dick wasn’t even inside me! The thing that I am really glad that sex work has allowed me is the ability to RELEASE JUDGMENT about what substandard sexual things are occurring without grossing out or losing my shit. Having a nerdy guy suck me like an orange is an experiment, I’m sure I’ve experienced in sex work before, so I just reverted to escort head space mode. There are possibly hundreds of unattractive dicks I’ve fucked for money and this is how I dealt with it. Total detachment in the moment. The shower in the end erases everything that happened if it wasn’t pleasant. Cleansing whore bath. I loved it every time. But this last 3 man experiment was just FREE SEX WORK. A donation for the losing team. The sinking ship going nowhere for the 45 minutes total that it took from start to finish. I have no idea how long it was, the 2 Japanese guys left as soon as they came and it seemed like they were on me for 15 minutes each. I was their masturbation tissue in human form and I didn’t get paid. All I got was a record of the worst most pathetic sex I’ve EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and that’s pretty bad considering i’ve clocked 7 years of escorting in my life. Sad, sad, sad, sad. Lucky, I can blog and release the terribleness of it all through my words.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The LOVE Drug

LOVE is a drug. We’ve heard that before. But you know its a card carrying addiction when there’s a 12 step group that starts to support it. LSAA stands for Love and Sex Addicts Anonymous. I remember in the darkest week fresh from my break up of 3 years was hard to be awake. I would wake up in the middle of the night and reach for my bong. I couldn’t even exist without copious amounts of marijuana. I was really close to going to an LSAA meeting, but instead I decided to go to another kind of bio-energetic jedi meeting to help get my spirits up. This ended up being a great decision as I met a really good friend there who is actually still my comrade to this day. I just wanted to be held by something and weed was always that something when there was nothing. I made the decision to end my relationship, and I had done so many times before. “You need to be less co-dependent.” he would tell me, urging each break up to happen. I broke up with him three times and 3 times he pulled me back. I was just looking at the Love Addicts website which has a list including: Choosing partners who are emotionally unavailable and/or verbally or physically abusive Choosing partners who demand a great deal of attention and caretaking but who do not meet, or even try to meet, your emotional or physical needs Participating in activities that don’t interest you or go against your personal values in order to keep or please a partner The ex and I struggled with polyamory. Before him, I always thought that because I was a sex worker, poly would be the natural way to go for me. Boy was I ever wrong. It was like being skinned alive and pushed down a lemonjuice waterslide on a weekly basis for me! The thing with point #3 is that I knew it wasn’t for me after long. I’m not a good drug addict because I don’t like pain. I like short stints of pain perhaps but as soon as something is too uncomfortable I try my damn hardest to exorcise that demon out of me. Sometimes this is premature and so the cycle must run its course, which is what it did three times. He knew what he was doing and loving it. Perhaps he wasn’t conscious so much of his abuse, most abusers aren’t. The last time we got back together he even brought cocaine for me so that he would be sure that I wouldn’t say no to him that night. The thing about the break up and make up cycle is that it does follow the love addiction cycle because getting back together has that bliss that follows the darkness as if it is a drug, as if you are going to last this time. But, in the end, it’s just like a rail of coke. Short lived. One of my mentors calls herself a Love and Sex addict. She was a card carrying group member. Seems like sex work can attract LSAAs too. There is a spike and a high for some who can mistake high dollar clients giving them money as a symbol of the approval that they need in life. And then when the phone doesn’t ring, or the stripclub is empty, no one is making it rain so it pours inside their hearts. I think it is way way worse as a stripper because you actually have to walk around and ask for approval and men are actually rejecting you which can be really draining on yourself esteem if you aren’t even making enough money to pay your stage fee.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Were the Say NO to Drugs poster contests successful?

I remember winning an award for a Say NO to Drugs poster contest when I was an elementary school student in the 80s. I made a slot machine with 3 skulls as the jackpots with the headline “Drugs! A LOSING COMBINATION!” When you’re a kid and you have artistic ability it gives you a level up over other kids. I did grow up through school to not use any drugs or even smoke weed until I graduated high school at 17. But then….muah ha ha ha. It’s really hard to even believe that we are hearing Jeff Sessions quote Nancy Reagan’s Say NO to Drugs propaganda with fervor as if it was something that worked. The only difference is that I’m not a 10 year old poster winner anymore, I’m a 41 year old recreational drug user who spent of those 20 years smoking weed. It’s been revealed what hijinx the Reagan administration were actually up to when creating that campaign to distract people from noticing that the government was actually creating crack cocaine to imprison Black people and filling prisons to fundraise for the wars that were happening in Central America. This has been revealed to not be conspiracy but fact. It’s almost like Dejavu. Session’s is even calling marijuana a gateway for opiates! Beyond shaking our heads, we should actually not be surprised. This administration is going to spend money building a wall across the U.S Mexico border when dealers are digging and traversing through tunnels and using U.S passport holders to traffick drugs across the legal border checks. The volunteer militia that patrols the war on illegals with their legal arms is absolutely no match for the desperation that poverty brings and being outnumbered. Trump is hell bent on building his wall and stopping illegal immigrants from bringing in drugs. I agree that this is happening at an alarming rate and the violence that has resulted in cartels running product has resulted in great amounts of death and mayhem in the U.S. In Japan, an island country almost all drugs that one can think of aside from Advil level painkillers are illegal. If you are a Japanese citizen, you will be shamed publicly in media, your parents will have to apologize on TV and you will probably spend months in jail for 1 gram of marijuana. If you are a foreign citizen, you will be banned from returning to Japan for up to 3 years. Women who give birth are not given epidurals (this might be a good thing) and if you have chronic sports injuries or anything else pretty much the only thing that you can get is of the Advil level. But there are synthetics drugs that can be made by streetwise chemists. It’s been confirmed that many of the elements of Fentanyl are made from things that were imported to the U.S from China and Japan. Japan is a limited land mass that has a population that can simply not afford to let immigration slide. The drugs do come in, but in much smaller amounts than the U.S. Drug Violence and Gang wars do not have an impact, guns are not legal here and the social stigma and family burden keeps the people here totally living in fear, working overtime with no pay and no relief, people with legitimate pain that are unable to medicate in any way but alcohol. Trump’s war on drugs is a war on facts totally ignoring the track record of what has been done before because he is set on doing the complete opposite of what has been done before him, except repeating the exact same unsuccessful strategy in preventing drug use and addiction in the 80s. Perhaps marijuana can be a gateway, but in this case the gateway that I see it symbolizing is a gateway to legalization of drugs. I’m honestly not sure what total legalization of all drugs like opiates would end up looking like, as currently it’s not hard to get, doctors were easily prescribing to patients who got addicted and started cutting pills on the street, and it appears that more people are dying than getting arrested. I remember going with one of my boyfriends on his pain pill runs to sell off. He was my driver in between and we’d cut up a pill and snort it before some good sex but neither of us ever got addicted, luckily. Being tough on crime doesn’t help eliminate addiction, but creating strict penalties to the source of the prescription might keep doctors accountable. Being extremely strict on immigration has really helped Japan. This is not only an immigration border issue, but it restricts the ability for an illegal immigrant to survive in Japan. You can’t get an apartment, hotel room or even rent a public computer without showing a passport with a tourist visa or a resident card that is valid. There are no throwaway temporary phones and hardly any under the table cash jobs because the person who breaks the law of illegal hiring or selling a burner phone pays a huge fine. This is how Japan is tough on crime and tough on SHAME! But, their tough on crime doesn't result in filling and building prisons because, again Japan hasn't got the land to do such a thing. I was lucky that I came with my sex work skills but I still didn’t make enough to survive on that alone for very long. Even though I have 2 undocumented adult chosen daughters that I adore and who live relatively straight edge Dreamer type lives in LA, I do think that the U.S can slowly be more effective in siphon off illegal immigration with more success by following the steps that Japan has taken more effectively than building a stupid wall. But because it is possible to millions every day to not only cross the border repeatedly and also eek out a living if you are undocumented in America, it is a systemic and purposely tolerated epidemic with barking dogs like Trump and Sessions to create a distraction of what really will offer no change but break up more families, spend more of the national budget and "alien"ate the relationship between South and North America. Shoot, I brought a marijuana pipe into Canada and I’m practically banned to even drive through or stop over on a passing flight without prior permission from the Canadian consulate so I don’t get detained. I barely want to ever go back to Canada. If someone gets caught illegally crossing the U.S border, they are photographed and dropped back into Mexico. I used to think that a free for all was a good idea, but I think the violence in America in easy comparison to the violence in Japan has changed my mind. Deporting families, border patrols, building walls, filling prisons is not the answer, let's try something new. We already have walls. Our priorities are not in the right order and there could be non violent administrative solutions which can be enforced that would “create more jobs” which is Trump’s favorite idiom but in about 5 ways that would be much easier than building a gigantic border wall. I am curious to see what the legalization of marijuana does to the cartel industry of at least marijuana trafficking, this is one of the main reasons that now even majority Republican support legalization in 2018. Is it possible to change the policies of immigration without affecting the treatment of the millions of undocumented people that live in the U.S today? I used to believe that the borders should be open, but this just isn't an effective national policy because we all live under some government and we don't operate in a cowboy society. I do think that we should change our immigration policy but I don't see anything changing for the better under this administration who is literally taking us back to the 80s, and not in a fun Footloose big hair shoulder pads kind of way.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

#Drinkingtoo, #Drugstoo, #Huggingtoo and #Chickentoo

“What did you put in this anyway?” Bruce said with a smile. “Acid.” I winked and nonchalantly picked up my guitar. He picked up his trumpet and started to play our song but about ten minutes later he asked me again, “You didn’t put acid in my drink did you?” I laughed. “Dude, I would never do that.” A few weeks later he brought me some noodles from a Chinese restaurant and I was really excited but then after I started eating it, I realized there was chicken meat in it. “Dang,” I said,”We go out together all the time and you know I’m not a carnivore.” he laughed. “Just take out the meat!” he chided. I frowned. I know that inadvertently spiking a non meat eater's food with chicken isn’t the same as giving someone drugs without their consent but the theme here is trust and safety. If I was a Muslim or Hindu and eating chicken was against my religious beliefs then I probably would feel more violated or maybe not. We are in an era where non consensual hugging is considered sexual harassment for some, and surely most of us can remember a non consensual hug from someone in our life or could at least imagine how violating it might feel I hope. Consent has been the hot topic since the #metoo and Aziz Ansari scandal of late, so i started to think about all the friends I knew who had been forced to drink or drug when they clearly didn’t want to. The phenomenon of non consensual drugging of drinks at bars which would lead to sexual or other petty theft crimes is a thing but what if it didn’t lead to these things? Is drugging itself assault? Apparently, it is. One of my sister’s friends was drugged to the point that he was vomiting and throwing up on himself for hours but for what gain did that give the perpetrator? We really couldn’t figure it out as my friends asshole and wallet were not touched by anyone while he was ill. Ansari was doing the classic,”Let me just pour you another drink…(to get the panties off)” move during his sexual coercion date (and I'm going to call it that because at the very least it was coercion if not violence). This had a selfish intention towards fucking Grace even when she said she did not want to have sex or feel forced. Boundaries are boundaries and if you have strong vices you hopefully learn that strong boundaries save lives. Things like clean needles, things like respecting sobriety or hard limits, having a caretaker or a shooting buddy to get high with you or someone more experienced who can guide you through your trip when it goes bad. Most of the drug users I know still using have hard lines because they’ve crossed them close to death and have learned from their mistakes or their friend’s deaths. This is why the idea of putting acid in my friend’s drink was probably not even a funny joke, but perhaps it was a funny joke to me because I knew it was something I wouldn’t do, and this particular friend was pretty naive so i chose to fuck with him. I think that we are in a climate where we need to assume that everyone has boundaries that we do not understand until we ask, so we need to check in with them and often so that we can proceed with confidence. Hopefully, you wouldn’t be like Ansari and not respecting a certain safe zone for only a few moments until going for the claw down the throat and panties in the next few moments. But I guess it is naive to think that everyone is going to follow these rules for the sake of your safety. People lie and they don’t even think that they’re being malicious for it! Dealers often cut their drugs with other shit and don’t tell you simply because of profit or ignorance of the consequences as we have seen with the Fentanyl opioid crisis. How many people do you know have accidentally snorted meth when they wanted to do coke (and nowadays, they can accidentally snort Fentanyl and DIE)? And yeah, the consequences are on you if you are awake and pacing for hours beyond the high you wanted or if ends up being a worse gateway to a habit that you kicked years ago. But really, just like Grace and Ansari, both are responsible and hopefully will make lots of corrective behavior adjustments so that they make better choices in the future. But this was a huge media blowup and most of these kinds of bad dates are quiet and unseen and often swept out of memory because of shame, never spoken because of self blame. How many of us were bought a bunch of drinks we didn’t want to drink in hopes that we’d be so drunk we’d fuck? We drank them and had to deal with him grabbing and slobbering all night til we ran away or slammed a door. Sometimes it doesn’t even leave the bar, just shot after shot after until you are throwing up in the parking lot and someone “rescues” you with a ride home in pseudo safety. Alcohol, drugs, hugging and chicken all seem wildly different, but when served non consensually all feel like a gross violation and some lead to major trauma and worse. But what seems like minor should not be ignored because the more you are able to see boundaries as boundaries that should be respected in all aspects of your life, the safer you will be for yourself and for those that are around you. Don’t wait for someone to jump out of the closet holding their dick in their hand, it can be as simple as a coercive drink bought when you are already drunk and we all can use this media momentum to reality check in with ourselves.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Alternatives to Withdrawal and Death

I’ve been learning a lot about Fentanyl since I posted my friend’s interview. It didn’t even dawn on me that Prince was killed by a Fentanyl overdose until after I started to research the topic. The typical story is that a patient is prescribed an opioid painkiller and cannot handle the withdrawal from it, so starts to resort to any means necessary to obtain something to relieve their pain which include taking higher risks and paying higher prices. In Prince’s case, there was a prescription for Oxy in someone else’s name, and pills containing synthetic opioids including Fentanyl labeled WATSON 385. To add to this, Prince weighed in at 112lbs. I can’t even remember the last time I weighed 112lbs, maybe junior high school. His private plane made and emergency landing in Illinois and Narcan was administered to Prince at that time. The situation was clearly becoming dire in the weeks leading up to his death.

So what are some alternatives to crawling the streets when your skin starts to crawl?? One of my peers was in a terrible car accident with gory Facebook pictures and was very public about the painkillers and the withdrawal that he went through. His friends in the holistic and coaching community had some wonderful advice that I think some of you could benefit from. Take it along with the rest of the advice that you get from the internet, but I feel that a lot of these folks are speaking from experience and right intentioned advocates of healthy holistic alternatives.

Physical addiction sets in after a week or two, it feels like a cold. Kratom, a natural leaf based remedy, can also be addictive, but users say it mirrors coffee withdrawal, nothing as bad as opiate withdrawal. Kratom has 80% success rate at getting folks off Heroin. Kratom is addictive but the withdrawal is infinitely easier than dope... easily worth it esp. If you still have pain. Insomnia is the worst part (If you have a job it gets rough. Lasts Exactly one week) and runny nose and eyes and some complain of restless leg. My experiments found the important thing was to actually use really really hot water! A full 211 degrees if you can, which will also sterilize these not certified by anyone for anything (but pesticide free anyways, cause they're natural pesticides) leaves. If you brewed it at 180, it may have been that you weren't extracting everything. You also have to stir really well. And you have to brew twice to get everything. 3rd boil has almost nothing left. Maple syrup is my favorite sweetener with it. Also agmatine is the best supplement for reducing tolerance to this and nearly any other addictive substance. Agmatine with or shortly before kratom almost lets you half your dosage. And if one flat teaspoon has you actually feeling good, maybe 2/3 of a teaspoon is enough to be sort of pain free? Just gotta calibrate when you’re treating pain to look for the pain to go away and not for the warm glowy blanket feeling. At a teaspoon a day a lot of people claim there is no withdrawal but it’s just subtle. As dose gets higher withdrawal gets more real but it’s still always more mild than the comparable opiate withdrawal. Brew the leaves at a full boil, stir for at least thirty seconds, then sweeten and add the milk of your choice. The powder should settle to a bottom so you don’t have to filter. You can brew the same kratom leaves twice, the second boil of the same leafs is about 1/4 strength compared to the first steeping.

There was even a kratom party on Facebook to try to support the legal access of the leaf and two websites recommended for cheaper acquisition: and

Chai hu mu li long gu!! (a chinese herb) was quoted as having “No symptoms at all. Best formula for narc especially.” Aleve and a natural sleep aid made it relatively easy to middle through the insomnia. Aleve supposedly helps w the restless legs. Also Black Seed Oil takes the edge off. Study up on Black Seed Oil in general. Worthy herb...

If you want to try the pharmaceutical that's indicated for opiate withdrawal, is unscheduled and cheap and your doctor should be happy to prescribe it for minor opiate withdrawal. It's also magical in its own right, but we're just starting to explore some of the strangeness of the pharmacology of the imidazoline receptor.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tino Fundraising for Strips

Tino,is a harm reduction outreach friend that I met once in person outside of the Sex Worker Cabaret in NYC that I performed at. Since then, we have been Facebook friends following each other for possibly 7 years since that event. Though we never saw each other again in person, I was inspired to chat with him online about his latest project fighting the fentanyl opioid crisis through one on one outreach as far as his feet can travel. He purchases ph testing kits that use the residue of street drugs mixed with water to test for the synthetic opioid fentanyl. The first fentanyl lab, according to Tino was discovered in the mid 90s in Kansas City but he thinks that now much of it comes from Mexico and possibly from China. Indeed, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illegal drug labs are concocting fentanyl from scratch,and authorities have raided several labs in Mexico that were receiving chemicals from China and Japan to create the drug, according to the DEA. The quantity needed to create a drug that is 50-100x stronger than morphine is much less cargo to smuggle, and someone with basic knowledge of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and the dark net can start a booming business. "Drug dealers are in the business of making money and I've heard it's very easy to make, so that means they can save money [by doing it themselves]," he says. "I wouldn't be surprised if there were real Walter Whites out there. Chemists and pharmacologists can turn to the dark side, just like in Breaking Bad. Tino has traveled to places well known for opioid crisis like Ohio, Philly, and DC, with his strips and naloxone kits. Everything in Ohio tested positive for Fentanyl. Dealers are trying to phase out heroin and bring in Fentanyl. Tino has tested samples of crystal meth, cocaine, and even pressed Xanax pills and found Fentanyl in them. This means that casual recreational drug users that most of us know could also now be affected by overdoses when they thought that they were doing the "safer" drugs. This means most sex workers who party with clients are also at risk! The biggest difference between heroin and fentanyl is that a person can stop breathing within 1 minute and die. That is why the epidemic is what it is exploding to on the news, as well as he said that its affecting a lot of white folks in ways that it hasn't in years before.
Fentanyl was an opioid originally developed for the terminally ill person. It is a quickly administered pain killer, that comes in the form of lollipops, patches and other forms like sprays and lozenges. The formula was discovered as cheaper and easier to make than heroin and it soon became one of the most dangerous and profitable street drugs responsible for more overdosing deaths in 4 states than the U.S had seen in years before. To make matters worse, the war on drugs is being multiplied with Sessions and Trump, who as a team are hell bent on reversing California's newest win of statewide legal marijuana the same as every class of drug. So the hope for new money to help fund harm reduction supplies or safe injection sites is not likely in this administration's mindset, considering that in October Trump declared addiction a "public health emergency" not a "State of emergency" intentionally. Trump's declaration, which will be effective for 90 days and can be renewed, will allow the government to redirect resources in various ways and to expand access to medical services in rural areas. But it won't bring new dollars to fight a scourge that kills nearly 100 people a day. "It's a lot cheaper to have a safe injection house than it is to fund Emergency Room services for an overdose. A safe injection site would supply testing strips, clean needles and help the user access treatment if that's what they wanted. They would be monitored so that they wouldn't overdose and die. Canada has a few and pop up ones.
"Nobody should die because they use drugs. Where at one time it wasn't a white suburban mom's problem, suddenly a loved one dies and now it becomes their problem. Harm reduction like testing strips is not a solution, its just giving someone another day of life."
Tino has reverse overdosed over 100 people, none of whom he knew personally outside of a few that were clients of agencies he had jobs with. "Its about educating people about how to do drugs better...test a small amount for the strength first, get off in pairs; watch each one person for five minutes, have naloxone on hand after getting trained on how to administer the life saving anti-overdose medicine which now comes in a nasal spray that requires no needles at all to use. All it takes 6 to 10 grains, (like a grain of salt)of Fentanyl to kill you. Part of the work that Tino does is educating users about better and safe drugs use. It isn't about prevention or prohibition, to him, it is about saving lives. You can support Tino's work by contributing here.