Monday, April 13, 2009

what do *you* want me to write about?

Contemplated and half-worked on posts:
*"Of Pimps, 'Running Partners', and other Bad Boyfriends ( Romantic and Economic Relationships in the Context of the Criminalization of Prostitution and the Drug War)(A plea for people to look at relationships on a case by case basis to see if they're abusive, rather than judging them solely on whoraphobia,junkie stigma, classism, and racism--with some personal stuff along with the analysis, going on about the love of my life--my "pimp" and "running partner". Also analysis on how people team up to work the blackmarket effectively and protect each other, often with couples running a blackmarket business or survival racket, b/c they know they love and trust each other the most in a dangerous situation. And acknowledgement that many of these relationships have been abusive, just like so many relationships between "straight" people are--and how criminalization protects the abuser.)

*"Natalie Dylan Is A Genius" (For auctioning off her virginity to pay for grad school in the state of Nevada, in case you hadn't heard)

*" 'Occupy Everything Now'? Maybe Not, but...Notes Towards An Effective Student Left for the 21st Century" (Talking about how college students can be great at macropolitics and oncampus politics, but don't seem to really participate where their voices are most vital--in how their colleges swallow up college towns economically for example, using them for marketing and development purposes, while gentrifying and driving low income people out. How the situation we're dealing with in my local activism now, with Smith developing and destroying low income housing in its development, and joining the Business Improvement District to basically buy more control of the town, is analogous to the 1968 Columbia student occupations in protest of the development of the gym in Morningside Heights--that did achieve many of its goals, despite the sacrifice 30 students made in being suspended, and the suffering many more experienced in being victims of police brutality. Acknowledging that I'm part of the disaffected left, and that I did roll my eyes at the dramatic notion of occupation from student activists in my movement, but looking at the New School and NYU occupations and seeing that some of their goals are to draw attention to how the colleges and universities exacerbate economic disparities in the city. Urging the exhaustion of "legitimate" avenues of protest first, but not crossing direct action off the list. Recommending everyone read _The Strawberry Statement"--fun, sweet diary of a student in the Columbia occupation. Looking to a nation wide movement of students that hold colleges accountable for economic decisions.)

So, please talk about this stuff, and scream in my ear urging me to finish one post or another...


  1. Natalie Dylan is not an attractive woman. It looks like her boobs have made the rounds of platic surgery clinics a few more times than the rest of her virginal self. If we're just counting trailing zeros though, she's nickle-n'-dime compared to Mel Gibson's brand new ex-wife. He says she's going to hell ( but it looks like she's gonna take a good part of his $900 million meshugeneh ass with her, before she's done with him in divorce court.

  2. Um, how is it relevant that Natalie Dylan is not attractive to you? & I think putting up with Mel Gibson for years & actually getting *married* to Mel Gibson isn't worth the money, whereas trailing zeroes for just going through a sexual technicality, which will last maybe an hour at most, is brilliant!

  3. actually, how is *mel gibson* relevant?

  4. He was in the movie Lethal Weapon.

  5. writing has - too many words.
    More 12 sec. videos!